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Welcome to All Therapy Centre located in Tralee town, County Kerry. This Natural Health Centre specialises in Nutrition & Detox, featuring a wide range of fully qualified Therapists in all fields of Natural Medicine, Healing and Counselling.

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For therapists we have a wide variety of fully equipped rooms available to rent with rates from one hour to one day, short or long term.

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Detox & Colon Hydrotherapy

Detoxification is increasingly being recognised as the first step towards the correction of chronic ill health and unwellness. Due to the increasing exposure of organic solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, hydrocarbon exhaust  prescription drugs hormones and other environmental toxins and infections, our body’s natural defences and detoxification mechanisms have been overwhelmed.

This results in higher than normal levels of these toxic reactive and infectious substances getting in to the body. It is the presence of these foreign substances that cause the dysfunction and damage of tissues and organs and is responsible for disease.            

 If  you  are  feeling  run down, weary, bloated, congested, and depressed ? then it’s time for an inner cleanse.

The body has an innate tendency to maintain a healthy balance.   If the body’s  natural detoxifying function become congested or tired, then this balance is tipped, the signs and symptoms are easy to notice  –   recurrent colds and flu –  digestive upsets – allergies headaches, fussy concentration, continual stress  etc.   etc..

Detoxification is an natural everyday activity and we can encourage it to  function properly with a healthy diet that facilitates the body’s natural cleansing functions. If your body is unable to detox properly  there will be a build up of toxins in the small and large intestines causing bloating and discomfort, these toxins eventually make their way back to the bloodstream causing havoc. Carried around the body in the blood they  attach themselves to joints, cells and organs causing  all sorts of  discomfort  ie  joint pain, skin rashes, forgetfullness,  anxiety, fatique  irritability, depression and  most of all weight gain in all the wrong places.                                                                                         

Everyone takes it for granted that all these nagging  symptoms  are attributed  to getting old – Remove these toxins  from your body  and  slowly but  surely the symptoms (if they havent already developed  into disease) will all go away and your health will slowly return to normal.

Find a Detox treatment to suit your needs.  Or seek  the advice of a  good  Nutritional Therapist  who  also has the ability to recognised  any underlying causes  that are manifesting  as  food intolerances or allergies.   Mineral and vitamin  deficiencies  can also be detected  and easily corrected,  and digestive and detoxifing malfunctions can be restored.  

Whatever detox treatment  you decide to follow please   remember  to   –

  1. Increase your water intake  to at least  2L a day – always drink water  between your  meals.
  2. Add soluble /insoluble  fibre to your diet.  Fibre has  the ability to attach to toxins and remove them safetly and efficient from the cells,  dumping them in  the colon.           This is important, if the waste is not excreted from the      colon  you can  experience  severe  cleansing  reactions . 
  3. Most important of all –   take a good quality probiotic supplement when you finish the treatment – it is very important  to replinish  the good bacteria in the gut. 
  4.  Follow your detox with a diet high in antixodant and probiotic foods. Include detoxifying foods in your diet  every day  and your body with start  to do what nature intended.   

 For more information :  The Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic  087 6301819
All Therapy Centre 21 Rock St. Tralee.  Co. Kerry.
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The Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic for detox at All Therapy Centre, Tralee, County Kerry offer a number of natural treatments aimed at detoxifying the body. Treatments include colon cleansing (colonic irrigation), probiotic coffee and herbal implants and Ozone therapy. 

Millions of people suffer all manner of health  problems  and they never consider the source of these problems to be a  toxic  colon.  Colon hydrotherapy helps with  a staggering amount  of health problems,  from  constipation  to  mental  and  physical  exhaustion, IBS,  headaches, frequent  recurring infections,  sinus,  sore  joints,  back ache, persistent colds        and   flu,  irritability,  poor memory,   allergies,  and  depression.

 Colon Hydrotherapy is a gentle treatment carried out by a qualified  therapist. Purified water is introduced into the rectum using a special disposable speculum attached to a  modern Hydrotherapy machine, which is fixed to the sewerage  system.   Once the speculum is inserted,  warm water will  flow gently into the rectum and will flow further into the  large intestine. As the water is released it flows out through an  enclosed  tube  connected to the machine , carrying with it all waste matter.    All you have to do is lie comfortably on the couch, and you will feel a warm, comfortable sensation in the abdomen. As the water enters the bowel, you will begin to feel “full” and as the water is released, you will feel a sensation of release.   People describe this as not just feeling lighter in weight, but in lifting their mood also. Many do actually lose a little weight during the treatment as many pounds of waste material stuck to the bowel wall, will have been removed.                                                           

Just one colon hydrotherapy session is equivalent to having 20 to 30 regular bowel movements. Subsequent sessions can be even more substantial as years of hardened impacted feces are dislodged and washed away,                                                                                                 

The first Session with  your Colon  Hydrotherapist takes approx. 1½  hours, this can  include a consultation,  Nutrition and Life style advice  followed  by  your treatment.   Any treatments after that lasts around 45 to 60 minutes. 

For further information on How Colon Hydrotherapy can work  for you.

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