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Welcome to All Therapy Centre located in Tralee town, County Kerry. This Natural Health Centre specialises in Nutrition & Detox, featuring a wide range of fully qualified Therapists in all fields of Natural Medicine, Healing and Counselling.

For further information, handouts, diet sheets and alternative recipes, why not visit us at: All Therapy Centre, 21 Rock Street, Tralee.

For therapists we have a wide variety of fully equipped rooms available to rent with rates from one hour to one day, short or long term.

Contact us on 066 718 5229 or by email at

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Nutrition & Weight-loss

At the All Therapy Centre in Tralee, County Kerry we have Nutritional Therapists

In our Natural Health Centre to assist you in correcting dysfunction in the digestive system and advise with general nutrition issues.   

Nutritional  Therapy  is  the  effective  use  of  food, supplements,  herbs  and  life style  changes  to  encourage  the body’s  natural  healing  abilities  and  prevent  disease.

A rise in illness indicates a need for preventative healthcare. Many conditions are causes by nutritional deficiencies, food intolerances and toxicity, which can be easily treated.

Physical disturbance in the digestive system can cause a disruption to many other  systems in the body, including the brain.  Treating the imbalances with the correct diet and nutrients can correct the cause, instead of  forever treating the symptoms

Nutritional Therapy can be the answer to an individual  who has chronic health problems which conventional medicine find  difficult to treat. Treatments can manage and prevent a wide variety of conditions from digestive disorders to low mood, fatigue, memory loss, joint pain, allergies, eczema etc.    Treatments can work alone or longside  orthodox  medicine. The sensible way forward  is  identifying and treating the underlying causes, correcting mineral and vitamin  deficiencies, eliminating allergies and removing  heavy metal toxicity

Anne Darcy  ND. BHSc. RGN   CLINICS   Tipperary / Dublin  062 63436 087 7759385  Kerry Clinic 066 7185229

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SIOBHAN DALTON – NUTRITIONAL THERAPIST AND ZEST4LIFE CONSULTANT                                       My name is Siobhan Dalton – Nutritional Therapist. I bring together Patrick Holford’s Zest4Life Weight Loss programme which concentrates on better eating that stimulates your body to lose weight. No diet sheets, calorie counting or shakes, just delicious, wholesome and nutritional foods, giving your body the strength and fight to lose that weight.  With my knowledge and clinical experience of the digestive system, I can help prime your body into losing those pounds, getting your energy back and reducing your inflammation so you can start feeling like your old self again. 

Are you struggling with your weight/belly fat, low energy, aches and pains? 
If so your body is inflamed and in need of help.

Act now – email for your information pack or call 087 3414741 for your complimentary 15 minute mini health consultations.


I choose to work with Patrick Holford’s Zest4Life weight loss programmes because I can help people who are looking for more than just weight loss achieve their goals.  I find it greatly  rewarding being present and seeing their progress

 How does It Work?

1 to 1 Individual Consultations  or group sessions can be arranged to suit the individual. I have created Men Only Groups and Women Only Groups as I have discovered when you group people of same genders or types together it can work quiet well.

I also feel that my 35 day programme is the much needed kickstart people often want. So in my groups we learn first and then we provide weekly weigh in only with muscle/fat analysis reports.

Using different methods of teaching works well too, video, youtube, powerpoints, flipcharts, practical food & exercise demonstrations.

What has led to our success & results here has been creating a comfortable fun environment that people enjoy coming to.

There are many ways to enjoy implementing new changes. Once people have fun doing it, it’s half the battle.

We create options for the group to come together for events , walks, hikes, outdoor bootcamp. We have on occasion added in some competition and the men in particular have said that this has kept their interests high. 

I recognize that food intolerance can be a huge part of the picture and can cause major issues for people and I quite often address this situation from the beginning by providing alternatives to the key problematic foods.

Food Intolerance Testing (Blood analysis) is available for those who want to explore if this is their missing part of the puzzle for them.  

Printed A4 body analysis reports with a weekly comparison graph showing  muscle/fat body hydration picture on the inside. 

Siobhan Dalton – Weight Loss Specialist / Nutritional Therapist  – 0873414741 –